Day Three – An Assembly, A Few Cravings and a Soup Kitchen

Serving Soup at my 'Soup Kitchen' at the Uni

Serving Soup at my ‘Soup Kitchen’ at the Uni

Apologies for not posting yesterday….After doing a Doctor’s run for a relative and an assembly, a headache of Biblical proportions set in, and I was unable to endure looking at a computer screen. Don’t know whether that was caffeine withdrawal or just plain ol’ hormones, but I was out of action for the afternoon and evening. But we’re up and running again today…!

I’m very pleased to report that I have experienced no hunger so far; the meals are sufficient to ward off any pangs. They are, however, a bit dull, and I’m just so glad that I bought the flour for flat breads, and the lemon curd; who knew that a 22p jar of lemon curd could taste so good! We have been saving a quarter of our flatbreads at lunchtime, to spread a little lemon curd on as a sort of dessert, and nothing ever tasted so fabulous. Normally, I would never consider buying a 22p jar of anything, and I’m surprised that it is OK; a lot sweeter than a good jar of lemon curd, but palatable nonetheless.

Breakfast has been a trial for me; I don’t really like sweet things in the morning, so eating porridge with honey is not easy for me, and I haven’t managed to finish a bowl yet. But I am eating as much as I can, so that I don’t get hungry through the morning. Porridge really does keep you full for a long time. Anthony is enjoying it much more than I am, and tucks in every day.


I was able to go into a local Primary School yesterday, and share with the children about my ‘Week Without’. I had some great responses and questions from them, and one funny moment when I asked them which food group they thought was missing from my current diet – they answered ‘sugar’!! I was invited back by the children, who would like to actually taste the recipes that I am eating this week, and I’m hoping it may inspire them to think about how they can live their lives to help other people.

I am missing tea so much, and my elderberry cordial that I make into a hot drink. I am having a couple of cups of hot water and lemon, which is enjoyable actually, but there’s nothing like a cuppa in the morning! That first cup next Monday is going to be fabulous.

The cravings have been spontaneous and surprising; a mince pie, elderberry cordial, cheese, a pear. Each craving has popped into my head unprompted, but left just as quickly; I can’t say I’ve been dwelling on them, which is the surprising bit. I really thought I would struggle more with this. However, we are only on day 3…….there’s time yet!

I hope that the lack of struggle is because the food is substantial and satisfying. The fact that this is research is also helpful, allowing me to be more analytical about my responses than I would normally be if I were simply denying myself on a ‘diet’.

Baking cakes for a Soup Kitchen I was running at the Uni today was a little difficult, as the smell was tantalising as they came out of the oven. But I was not concerned whilst serving them, and didn’t feel any temptation to eat them at all. Wearing my ‘Week Without’ T shirt, I had some interesting conversations with the students about my experiences so far, and interest in receiving more information and recipes from me, which is encouraging. One of the reasons I am doing this research is to find out just how little you can live on, whilst still eating a balanced and nutritious diet. The plan I am currently on lacks fruit and dairy at the moment, and there is still some way to go, but hopefully I will end up with some good empirical research that can be used to pass on to people who need or want to learn how to live and eat well, for less money.

One problem with eating the same thing every day is monotony; part of me is wondering at which point the dread of the same meal will set in. I did think it might be tonight, but was surprised to find myself tucking in and enjoying my curry as much as the first day…long may it continue! Wish I felt the same way about the porridge…..


Another Happy Customer

Another Happy Customer


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