Day One – Lunch and Dinner

Warming Chick Pea and Lentil Curry

Warming Chick Pea and Lentil Curry

I had to take someone to Morrisons today before lunch, which was a little difficult, as they have all the bakery smells in there, and they say you really shouldn’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Luckily this was not a problem really, as I was not allowed to spend any money on food!


Despite my reservations, the soup for lunch was surprisingly satisfying and filling – I suspect the fact that I was hungry added to it! I made some really good flatbreads to go with it, out of flour, a little oil, some salt and oregano and water, which only took 5 minutes from start to finish, which really made the lunch much more filling and enjoyable (thank goodness I decided to buy flour). We spread a very little amount of our cheap lemon curd on a small bit of the bread as a treat at the end of the meal – nothing has ever tasted so good! All in all, a very nice lunch – home made, piping hot and comforting on a cold day. See below for flatbread recipe:


Herby Flat Breads (makes 2)

125g white flour

Pinch salt

Pinch oregano

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

3 tablespoons warm water

Mix herbs and salt into flour, make a well in the middle and pour in oil and water. Bring together into dough with a knife, flour work surface and knead lightly until smooth. Divide into 2, roll out into rounds, place into a hot griddle pan and cook for approx 2 mins on each side. Serve immediately.


We were ready for our curry by the time I made it – 6.15pm. I thought perhaps the rice would be sticky and unpleasant, but was again surprised to find that despite the fact it was only 40p for 1kg, it behaved well and cooked up nicely. You definitely would not want to overcook it though, as I suspect it would go mushy quickly. The curry that I made yesterday had developed nicely overnight in the fridge, and I added a little water to loosen it as I heated it up. It was a delicious meal, although again there was too much rice really (I allowed a full mug between the two of us). I suppose with this plan there is a tendency to imagine that you are going to be hungry unless you allow yourself as large a portion as possible; that has not been the case thus far, and I have not managed to finish either my breakfast or dinner. I will adjust the quantities for tomorrow. We were both full after the curry, and opted to have our handful of gathered blackberries later on in the evening.

I have definitely missed tea today, although I can honestly say that is the only craving I have had so far.


4 thoughts on “Day One – Lunch and Dinner

    • Do it! It’s amazing the difference it makes on how you view food, and many other things too. I suspect the week may get tougher though…! Thanks for reading and great to see you yesterday, albeit briefly!

    • Thanks Tracey….keep checking the site for more updates. After this week, I will try to keep putting more recipes on, which will not be quite as austere as these, but still budget friendly. Thanks for logging on

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